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May 2016: I tried to make my high school English teachers proud, by referencing the Greek myth of Cerberus, the guardian of the Underworld, aka The Hound of Hades, while making fun of Buck Newton, Phil Berger, and Gov. McCrory.

I made up this graphic in July 2016, using an actual April quote (from a pro-HB2 rally at the Legislative Building) from Senator Newton, who is running for NC Attorney General against Josh Stein.

May 2016: After the U.S. Department of Justice gave Gov. McCrory a deadline of May 9th to let them know that NC was in compliance with Federal anti-discrimination law, Governor McCrory whined that he was only given a few working days to make this…

June 2016: Again, I'm using my Presbyterian sensibilities to call out some of the more egregiously offensive (to me, at least) members of NC state government. This was one of the earlier appearances in my "art projects" of Greensboro-area…

I made this graphic in early April 2016, as the nationwide and international backlash against North Carolina and HB2 was really starting to gain steam. I've used it repeatedly in the months since, often incorporating it into a larger graphic about…

When Anne Graham Lotz (Billy Graham's daughter) began speaking out in favor of HB2, I envisioned her as the diabolical Cruella DeVil, from "101 Dalmations." This graphic is from June 2016.

After reading HB2, I made up a graphic which I've used as a small part of many, many graphics since. As I recall, early on (late March or early April) I saw a graphic online with part of an NC flag with the letters HB2 over the photo. I didn't…

This was early on (probably May 2016), when I felt like I could make folks laugh about the evil done by NC Senator Eldon "Buck" Newton, Senator Phil Berger (also president pro tem of the state Senate) and Patty McCrory.

Although I love reading, I know many people don't. I've felt, during this HB2 debacle, that part of my job was to read articles, and present as much info as I could in one graphic, for people who want quick info.

This is a list I made of the…

This was from September 2016. The Air Horn orchestra is still going strong, giving performances outside the Gov's Mansion each Wednesday night. I can hear them from my house!!! I love their creativity, and their volume!
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