Share your HB2 experiences

NC HB2: A Citizens' History is an archive of materials related to North Carolina's House Bill 2, passed by the legislature on March 23, 2016 in a special session and signed into law by Governor Pat McCrory on that same day. It mandated that people using restrooms in state facilities must use the bathroom that corresponds with the sex listed on their birth certificates. It also put limits on local governments' abilities to set wage standards for employees and contractors. Third, it disallowed workers from filing discrimination lawsuits in state courts, an ability that was later restored in a more limited form.

Since HB2 passed as law, many have had experiences related to it, such as rallies, religious or cultural events organized to express views of HB2, a changed business environment, or new decisions about which bathroom to use. This site collects stories, photos, or videos related to these experiences and more.

Please explore the site and consider contributing materials related to your experiences. You may upload items that document your involvement with the law and any events related to it as well as provide insights gained from your experiences. These materials will help others get a fuller understanding of the significance of HB2 from multiple perspectives, including yours.

If you have any questions about this archive, please contact me, Tammy S. Gordon, Associate Professor of History and creator of this site. My e-mail is