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Eagle White Art Project Collection

Eagle White created a number of memes and other digital collages in protest of HB2. He explains his work:

"I'm a Raleigh native, who attended high…


Stand Against HB2 Concert Series

Activist and event organizer Mike Allen created the Stand Against HB2 concert series as a way to protest the bill and facilitate a non-boycott option…

Herb Campbell - Ghosts of the Old North State.jpg

Organizational Documents

While NC HB2: A Citizens' History focuses on materials that relate to individual experiences, this collection features organizational and government…


Air Horn Orchestra

Organized by Tina Haver Currin and Grayson Haver Currin, the Air Horn Orchestra meets on Wednesday evenings in from of the Governor's Mansion to…


Repeal HB2 Rally, Wilmington, NC

These images were taken at the Repeal HB2 Rally in Wilmington, North Carolina held on April 1, 2016. The rally occurred at the corner of Oleander and…

Signs for Repeal HB2 Rally