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This was from September 2016. The Air Horn orchestra is still going strong, giving performances outside the Gov's Mansion each Wednesday night. I can hear them from my house!!! I love their creativity, and their volume!
air horn orchestrameme.jpg

Associate Professor of English and Women's and Gender Studies situates her experiences of HB2 in the context of higher education and the diversity climate of North Carolina
Postcard from North Carolina.docx

Pool Safety Coloring Sheet from Keep NC Safe. Downloadable from

On March 29, 2016, anti-HB2 protesters filled downtown Chapel Hill for hours. The protesters had marched west on Franklin Street, ending in the middle of the intersection of Franklin and Columbia Streets, which is the center of Chapel Hill's…

Chapel Hill protest rally, March 29, center of Columbia Street and Franklin street intersection. Photo taken from Top of the Hill. Traffic and buses stopped in all directions.

Sign seen at March 29, 2016 anti-HB2 rally in Chapel Hill
"Get your transphobia away from my freedom"

Brief biographies of thirty-two bands appearing at a concert at the Millennium Center in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
Band Bios_Winston-Salem_5-24-16.docx

This press release provides event details for the Stand Against HB2 Concert in Wilmington NC including date, location and bands performing.
Wilmington Press Release.docx

Stand Against HB2 Concert Series Press Release, Winston-Salem. The press release lists the names of the bands and event details.
Winston Salem Press Release_6-11-16.docx
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