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June 2016: Again, I'm using my Presbyterian sensibilities to call out some of the more egregiously offensive (to me, at least) members of NC state government. This was one of the earlier appearances in my "art projects" of Greensboro-area…

After U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch sent notice to NC that HB2 was in violation of existing Federal anti-discrimination law, Phil Berger spoke out against the DOJ and a Fourth Circuit ruling regarding a Virginia transgender student's rights at…

I made this graphic in early April 2016, as the nationwide and international backlash against North Carolina and HB2 was really starting to gain steam. I've used it repeatedly in the months since, often incorporating it into a larger graphic about…

When Anne Graham Lotz (Billy Graham's daughter) began speaking out in favor of HB2, I envisioned her as the diabolical Cruella DeVil, from "101 Dalmations." This graphic is from June 2016.

Person at Air Horn Orchestra on October 12th 2016 holding a sign that reads "McCrory for Ex-Governor" while using their head to blow a hand pump air horn.

Air Horn Orchestra, October 12th 2016

Teenager posing with "Bigotry is Bad for Business" sign in front of Pat McCrory's house after Air Horn Orchestra on October 12th 2016.

Guest speaker from TurnOutNC coming to talk to the Cary High School Gender Sexuality Alliance about HB2 and what can be done against it. October 25th 2016.

Three generations turn out to Air Horn Orchestra on October 12th to protest HB2

This video was taken at Air Horn Orchestra outside of McCrory's house on October 12th 2016 of people chanting "One Term Pat".
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