Eagle White Art Project Collection


Eagle White Art Project Collection


Memes and other visual items created by Eagle White in protest of HB2


Eagle White created a number of memes and other digital collages in protest of HB2. He explains his work:

"I'm a Raleigh native, who attended high school at Broughton in Raleigh, and college at UNCG. A few weeks after graduating from college, I moved to Manhattan, where I tried to find a niche for myself.

After several years in New York, I returned to Raleigh, where I've been since. I live downtown, so I'm right in the middle of some of the crazy things which happen in NC government in Raleigh.

I've always been creative, and taught myself a bit of photo-manipulation technique using an online site. I had always used it to put my head/face into absurd situations/pictures, for the amusement of readers of my FB friends.

Then HB2 happened. As soon as I could find a copy of the bill (in its entirety) online, I read it, and realized the enormity of its scope, and the spiteful intention of those who passed it. In the days that followed, I became angry that it was being dealt with entirely as a "bathroom bill", when the other portions of the law were equally, if not more damaging.

I began making up graphics to post online (using my warped sense of humor, I called them "Art Projects.") It just took off from there. I moved the graphics from my personal page to several pages on FB which were created to express opposition to HB2 and the politicians who crafted and passed it.

The rest is history. Six months later, I can't believe how many of these things I've made and posted. I've had more than a few people say I was keeping the tradition of "political satire" alive and well on FB. I just wake up each day, read the news, and wait for my somewhat crazy mind/imagination to fill in the rest, for that day's "Art Project." I don't have television at home, so I get my news from online sources, and try to follow that good-ole rule we learned about writing term papers.....try to find at least two, and even better, three collaborating sources for information you use....."


Eagle White