A Citizens' Archive

All people make history, and NC HB2: A Citizens' History functions as an archive of items reflecting individual experiences of House Bill 2. Future historians can draw on these materials to understand not just what happened during the passage and debate about HB2, but what those events felt like to the people who experienced them.

What makes a contribution fit the purpose of the site?

Items created as part of your own experiences related to HB2 fit the site's mission as a citizens' archive. If you took a video or photo at a rally, a meeting, or other event related to HB2, these items speak to your experiences. If you wrote down thoughts about your days working at a business that came out for or against HB2 or about entering a different bathroom for the first time in a long time, those thoughts reflect your experiences. These kinds of things help others understand the diversity of opinions about HB2.

Items like news stories, newspaper coverage, or official documents that are widely available elsewhere may in some way be meaningful to you, but they do not necesarily reflect the experiences of individuals, so they do not fit the mission of the archive.

What happens to my contribution after I upload it?

When you contribute a story, an image, or video, I will add tags that help users find your materials, and I may contact you via e-mail with questions.

Be sure to be as specific as possibile in describing the item. Names of individuals, dates, places, and event names are particularly important. This information will help users find the materials they are looking for.

My video is taking a long time to upload. What can I do?

Videos can be large files and may take some time to process. Changing your video to an mp4 file may help reduce the upload time.

Who should I contact if I have a question?

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have about contributing or using materials on this site: Tammy S. Gordon at tammy_gordon@ncsu.edu.

The views and opinions expressed in this site are solely those of the contributors and do not state or reflect those of NC State University.